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Wine Tours

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You will be escorted in comfort and style as you tour and taste some of Virginia’s finest vineyards and wines. Your intimate getaway will highlight the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains as you traverse the scenic countryside for a day of touring and tasting.

Our driver was extremely professional and very fun to talk to. He took us to 3 great vineyards and allowed plenty of time for us to enjoy each one. We highly recommend this tour to others!. Lin

The tour typically includes 3 to 4 wineries, tasting room guidance, and refreshments. Book your tour as you make your room reservation.

What To Expect with a Wine Tour

There are two ways to take part in a wine tour: You can plan an itinerary on your own, using a map and the Internet. Or you can enlist the guidance of Harmony Hill to plan your wine tour. If you've never been on a wine tour before, you might like one planned that includes a professional driver with vehicle. The tour often includes a snack or picnic lunch.

If you're touring on your own, the costs are minimal. The winery typically doesn't charge for the wine tour and sometimes provides a sample of wines for free. More often, there's a small charge to cover the cost of sampling. If you want to taste a specialty wine, such as ice wine, expect an additional charge.