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Fermata Room

Luxury Suite with king bed, whirlpool tub, and fireplace..  



In music, the fermata tells the musician to hold the note longer, or to rest. At Harmony Hill, the Fermata Room carries this theme forward for our guests by offering a specially designed retreat for couples. The Fermata Room is secluded and quiet. It offers amenities that cater to your desire to hold each other and relax. The room's overstuffed love-seat offers the opportunity to relax and hold hands, to give a peck on the cheek, and to exchange admiring glances. The white pine walls remind you that you are in a log cabin, but the luxurious amenities lure your body and mind into another realm. The wall-to-wall carpeting provides a foundation of softness. The in-room HDTV lets you watch your favorite 



Romantic Escape in Country Comfort