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Ballad Room

The ballad is a short song in a slow tempo, usually with a romantic or sentimental text.  

This room mimics that theme by offering a short escape from the pressures of life, encouraging you to slow-down and renew the romance and sentiment with the one that you cherish. The Ballad Room features a brass king bed. The room is bathed by the sun during the day and caressed by the moon and stars at night. This spacious room has a soft color scheme that soothes the senses. Air conditioning provides cool comfort on hot days, or open the windows, turn-on the ceiling fan, and enjoy the fresh, clean air of the Virginia countryside. Watch the sun rise over the foothills, or relax among the cushions in a spacious window seat, with a view of the woodlands. If the weather is cool, there's a fireplace for your comfort. Ballad's standard sized private bath features a whirlpool tub and shower that go beyond getting you clean. 

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Romantic Escape in Country Comfort